Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday's Are Forever

For many years now I have pretty much tried not to make a big deal over my birthday. Mostly I think because I had so many bad ones when I was younger. Since I became a grown up I have often treated myself to somewhat extravagant trips on that day and generally I think I have done a decent job of taking care of myself on my day but I have never really been one to make a big deal out of my birthday or birthdays in general for that matter.

For the last ten years at least I have often boarded a plane and set off for exotic places to celebrate my day or I got on a plane a week either before or after the actual event and just enjoyed the fact that I was going somewhere foreign in honor of my big day. Often my friend Linda was with me and we just celebrated in a quiet kind of way. Two drifters off to see the world....

When I was in LA with Todd this past March just before I left to come back to Charlotte he told me that he was flying me to Dallas for my birthday and that he was also flying me to Palm Springs for Memorial Day weekend and it was all for my birthday. I have to tell you that I can't remember the time that a man bought me a plane ticket to anywhere on my birthday, let alone two tickets to two different destinations.

As we got closer to my birthday the Dallas trip really started to take shape. Not only was I meeting him in Dallas but Todd booked a reservation at the Rosewood Crescent Spa. I looked it up online and I thought wow, what a nice place to spend a birthday. That was an understatement. As almost everybody knows, everything in Texas is really big, and let me tell you, at the Rosewood you don't need a magnifying glass for anything. From the moment we checked in till we checked out we were treated really well.

The Rosewood is one of those places that makes a statement the minute you get out of the car and the gift just kept on giving. We made our way up to our room and we found a balcony facing the pool, 10 foot ceilings, down comforters, luxurious pillows, well stocked mini bar and the coolest shower head either of us had ever seen or used. It was a Grohe Freehander shower head that was built for two. That first evening we ordered room service, for myself it was a grilled cheese with fries, a side salad. The grilled cheese had three cheeses including Gruyere. Todd ordered the grilled Salmon and we shared chocolate cake and ice cream. The ice cream was more like gelato and was absolutely decadent.

The only hiccup was when we asked to see menus for local restaurants and were told by the head concierge that they do not keep menus for restaurants. That was quickly corrected by the second in command at the concierge desk. Old school versus new school and old school won out. Note to Rosewood: Menus are a great idea, real ones not the virtual kind that are only to be seen on the concierge's desktop computer. Thanks to the relief pitcher for catching this error and correcting it for us by collecting menus from four restaurants for us to peruse for dinner on our next night out.

We dined at the the Park on Friday night with Todd's best friend from college and her husband who live in Dallas. The Park was a lively place for dinner that felt a little too young and a little too loud for me but the food was great. It was chock full of interesting people to look at and it certainly made for interesting conversation...especially the 6 women near us that looked like strippers with dresses cut to the navel and feathers and implants and all that. It's Texas y'all. I am a little more used to Charlotte where young women actually wear a skirt with a blouse. Todd's friends were wonderful and very kind. We had a drink at the bar before we were rushed by the little gay boy at the door to our table on the patio.

During the day on Saturday we both scheduled appointment at the Rosewood Spa. We both had facials and a massage. On our tour of the facility we learned that the spa won a 2008 award from Conde Naste. It is currently ranked 42nd in North America. The massage was nice but the facial was the bomb. I have never had a real facial in a spa before and so for 50 minutes I was pampered with scrubs and rubs and attention. It was really an experience, I loved the spa.

Saturday night Todd and I went to Nick and Sam's and the best line came from Todd..."I am normally a vegetarian and I only eat steak in Dallas." this garnered us champagne on the house and a nice chat with the manager of the restaurant. Todd ordered the Kobe beef and I had a 10 ounce fillet. It was unbelievable. We ate every bite set on the table before us and had a wonderful meal. I cannot recommend this place enough. It is a bit pricey, but worth every penny for a splurge weekend like this.

On Sunday we had brunch with Todd's friends and visited with them at their home. It was nice to see the relationship they shared and to start to get to know them. I think it says a lot about folks who keep friendships for twenty five years. As the trip came to a close I realized one thing above all else, birthday's are forever. So often over the years I have made excuses...and I will not do that ever again. Birthdays should be celebrated and for the first time in a very long time someone I am in love with celebrated my birthday and it felt grand.

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Christopher said...

I happen to like Dallas.

I was at a conference in Dallas a few years ago, and Jim flew down and we spent 3 days there.

Honestly, I saw as many gay men and couples in Dallas as I see in San Francisco or Los Angeles, out and about.

The thing about Dallas that so impressed me besides the city's great skyline is the surprising affordability. Everything from housing (we looked at the real estate books in the kiosks on the streets), to the price of MLB baseball tickets, to groceries, eating out in restaurants and, tickets to the opera and ballet, is about half what it costs in LA or San Francisco.

Oddly enough, we felt perfectly at peace in Dallas, and never once detected an iota of antigay sentiment from anyone. Plus, they have a cool subway system called the DART.

If I were to move to Texas, I would move to Dallas.